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There are many IELTS resources online. We find the best FREE IELTS websites, articles, and videos from around the web, and we collect them here, just for you!

We know how overwhelming it can be to search for IELTS help so we've taken some time to put together a little resource library for you here that can help you navigate the abundance of IELTS resources that are out there.

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English Grammar: the prepositions ON, AT, IN, BY

James ESL English Lessons (engVid)

English for Beginners: Prepositions are short words that help us ...


English Vocabulary: other words for LIKE and DON'T LIKE

Learn English with Emma [engVid]

Want to talk about things you like and don't like without ...


Native English Pronunciation: TH, THR, and TR

Espresso English

American English Pronunciation Course & Shadowing with ...


Improve your English pronunciation for the IELTS exam

Leeds English

In this podcast from Leeds English, former IELTS examiner Bob ...


Active (v) passive voice


A grammar lesson focussing on the difference between the active ...


Differences between DO and MAKE - 60 common English collocations

Espresso English

One of the most common errors for students of English is ...


Common collocations in English

English Club

A collocation is a group of words that 'go together' in ...


11 phrasal verbs for talking about MONEY

JamesESL English Lessons

In this lesson, James from EngVid shows you the money! ...


Improve your Accent: Tongue Twisters

English lessons with Alex (engVid)

Improve your accent by doing these exercises. Every language has ...


IELTS Speaking Exam part 2: Top 10 common topics

Tony Box

Listen to Band 9 model answers on 10 common topics in the IELTS ...


The role of grammar in the IELTS exam


This website gives an overview on grammar in the IELTS exam. ...


IELTS Speaking for Band 7 - describing a person


IELTS Simon gives advice on how to describe a person at a Band 7 ...


American English Fluency with Flow

Accent Ace

If you consider yourself to be an advanced speaker of English, ...


Do I Need To Speak Fast To Be Considered a Fluent Speaker?

Teacher Prix

Many English speakers believe they need to speak very quickly in ...


Speaking test Part 2 & 3: Festivals and Celebrations

Leeds English

Listen to and participate in a mock IELTS speaking test ...


Can I learn English alone?

Doing English

Listen to Julian from the Doing English channel on Youtube ...