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There are many IELTS resources online. We find the best FREE IELTS websites, articles, and videos from around the web, and we collect them here, just for you!

We know how overwhelming it can be to search for IELTS help so we've taken some time to put together a little resource library for you here that can help you navigate the abundance of IELTS resources that are out there.

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Make English Part of Your Life


Making English part of your life can be a challenge. But in this ...


TED-Ed's super summer reading list: 40+ books recommended by our educators


Summer: it’s the season of rest, rejuvenation … and ...


10 Ted Talks Every English Student Should Watch

IELTS Advantage

This article shows you how to use TED Talks to improve your ...


PODCAST: A look at studying IELTS online

IELTS Podcast

Over the last two or three decades, more and more people are ...


How playing an instrument benefits the brain


When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become ...


Brain Breaks and Focused-Attention Practices


When presented with new material, standards, and complicated ...


Five Habits of an Applied Student


We all know very well that each person is different and ...


Stop procrastinating and start learning!

Learn English with Emma [engVid]

Do you spend time on Facebook or Instagram when you should be ...


How to Talk About Your Studies in English

Oxford Online English

Are you a student? Do you study at school or university? If ...


10 Ways to Motivate Yourself When Learning English

Learn English with EnglishClass101.com

Alisha from EnglishClass101.com provides 10 excellent ideas to ...


6 Books for improving your English: Advanced English Lesson

Speak English With Vanessa

Speak English With Vanessa helps English learners to speak ...


The 5 Step Study Plan for IELTS

English Lessons with Adam [engVid]

If you're going to take IELTS, start here! Your success on ...


What is necessary to learn English well?


Learning English requires action. You may know all the learning ...


Steps to Learning English: Where should you start?

JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)

So you want to learn or improve your English. But where should ...


10 practical ways to motivate yourself to study English

Espresso English

10 useful tips from Espresso English to kick start your ...


Top 15 Study Tips

Learn English with Emma (engVid)

Want to do better on your tests? Improve your grades? If you are ...