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Conquer Writing Task 1 in 5 easy steps

FluentU IELTS Blog

The first part of the IELTS Writing test may seem super ...


IELTS essay writing improvement

IELTS Podcast

Many find producing high-quality writing challenging. The ...


Podcast: IELTS essay paragraph structure

IELTS Podcast

This pocast tutorial goes into detail about writing strong ...


Don't Make These BIG Mistakes in Writing Task 1

IELTS Master

Check out these common IELTS mistakes with IELTS Task 1 Writing ...


How to Analyze Charts, Maps and Process Diagrams

IELTS Master

In this IELTS Writing Task 1 lesson, you'll learn how to ...


Paraphrasing and synonyms

The IELTS Teacher

Paraphrasing and synonyms: how to demonstrate a wide range of ...


How to Paraphrase

Write to Top

Good writing needs variety and style. One way to do this is by ...


Paraphrasing techniques for Task 1 Writing

NewCollegeGroup NCG

Paraphrasing is one of the most important skills you need to ...


Podcast: Paraphrase your way to a high score

All Ears English

Why is paraphrasing a golden opportunity for a 7 or higher on ...


Paraphrasing tips for IELTS


This lesson focuses on IELTS vocabulary and paraphrasing ...


How to Paraphrase in the IELTS Test

IELTS Advantage

Paraphrasing is an essential IELTS skill. This post will show ...


General Task 1 Letter Writing - Useful Words & Expressions

General IELTS English Help

To complete your IELTS letter writing task within 20 minutes, it ...


Vocabulary For Academic IELTS Writing Task 1

IELTS Mentor

The Academic IELTS Writing Task 1 requires you to use several ...


Assessing grammar in IELTS Writing test


There is no actual grammar test section in the IELTS test, but ...


Grammatical range and accuracy

O.L.S English Department

This video talks you through teh concept of grammatical range ...


IELTS:Understanding grammatical range and accuracy


To score a Band 9 in IELTS it is essential to know what are the ...